British actress Keira Knightley has been photographed 13 foot (3.96 metres) underwater to help raise money for a clean water campaign.

The Pride And Prejudice beauty, who has been nominated for a Golden Globe Best Actress for her performance in the JANE AUSTEN adaptation, was snapped by specialist underwater photographer CANDICE for the Water Aid charity, which aims to provide safe, clean water in developing countries.

For the shoot, Knightley plunged into a tank used for James Bond movies at Pinewood Studios, England, dressed in a designer dress and $75,600 (GBP42,000) necklace.

Knightley enthuses, "Maybe I'll become a scuba diver after this shoot. I loved it.

"I concentrated on trying not to drown. I'd definitely encourage other stars to give it a go for such a worthwhile charity.

"Clean water is a basic human requirement and if you can do anything to help with that aim, then you should."