Actress Keira Knightley enlisted a stunt double for her lapdancing scenes in new movie DOMINO - because she didn't have time to master the moves.

The British star insists insecurities about her body played no part in director Tony Scott's decision to recruit a stand-in to replace her legs and backside in the film.

Instead, it was her incompetence at learning the raunchy dance routines that inspired movie-makers to call in professional help.

She says, "I'd just finished Pride And Prejudice, and I hadn't had a chance to train. And I couldn't actually lapdance very well. I did the top half, but a girl called TARIN did the bottom.

"Another girl appeared in the paper saying it was her, but I'd never seen her in my life. I'm sure she's got a great a**e - but not in my film!"

The movie tells the real-life story of DOMINO HARVEY, who turned her back on a modelling career to become a bounty hunter.

09/05/2005 02:21