Stunning British actress Keira Knightley found her acting fame meant she fell out with her friends at school - many of whom taunted her about her latest movie.

The 20-year-old star of Pirates Of The Caribbean: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL was often miserable during the latter stages of her school life because she kept having to take breaks from her studies to feature in movies - which lead to jealous bullying from her classmates.

She says, "It was difficult - because you take time out, you lose your friends and have to wriggle your way back in.

"I did a film called The Hole when I was 16 and, when it came out, a couple of the popular girls at school said, quite loudly, 'She's in a c**p movie, so it doesn't count.'

"It was rude and I was upset, but if you let that stuff bother you, you're going to be in for a tough time. I wasn't popular at school. I learned to let those comments wash over me. I toughened up quite quickly."

16/07/2003 21:11