British actress Keira Knightley had a nightmare experience auditioning for her upcoming movie THE JACKET - she had to stop herself from vomiting on director JOHN MAYBERRY.

The 19-year-old Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star - who appears as an alcoholic waitress alongside Adrien Brody in the film - was unwell when she arrived for the audition with Mayberry.

She says, "That was an awful audition process because I was actually filming King Arthur in Ireland when I had to go to London and meet the director for this and I got food-poisoning really, really badly.

"It was 4.30 in the morning and I wake up and I'm puking and I had to get on a plane and it's just the most awful flight.

"So I went and met this director, John Mayberry, and the whole time I was kind of thinking, 'Okay, don't puke over him, don't puke over him! Please!' And it was a lunch meeting, so they had fish as well, which is never good.

"So I'm thinking that all the time and then he suddenly turns around to me and says, 'Actually, I don't want you in this film. I think you're completely wrong for the role.' I was thinking, 'My God! And I've tried not to puke over you the entire time!'"

Knightley was relieved to later learn her efforts were not in vain - Mayberry changed his mind and gave her the role.

01/07/2004 09:29