Keira Knightley's ex-boyfriend Del Synnott has angrily denied he tried to commit suicide when he split with the Hollywood star last year (03).

Synnott, who has never previously talked about the pair's relationship, slams reports Knightley rushed to his hospital bedside following a suicide attempt caused by the end of the relationship.

He says, "I was angry about that story. It was totally untrue."

The actor - who started a relationship with the sexy 19-year-old on the set of PRINCESS OF THIEVES in 2001 - claims the pair naturally grew apart after Knightley's career began to take off after her starring role in 2002, and he harbours no resentment towards her.

He says, "She is a really cool girl. We became friends while filming together. I was worried to take the first step when I realised things were starting to develop because I didn't want to ruin our friendship.

"We made time for each other but we just came to a natural end. We just grew apart."

10/05/2004 13:53