British actress Keira Knightley was convinced Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL would be a box office flop right up until she saw the finished movie for the first time. Knightley was sceptical about signing up when she learned the movie was based on an amusement park ride, but the PRIDE + PREJUDICE beauty overcame her initial worries and took on the role of ELIZABETH SWAN. But she still had no idea the Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster would be a such a massive global success until she attended the premiere. The 21-year-old says, "I was like, 'Wait a minute, you're going a pirate movie - something that hasn't worked in about 50 years - and it's based on an amusement park ride?" "ORLANDO (BLOOM) and I were sitting next to each other at the premiere, which was the first time I'd seen it, and we'd had a big talk and decided that if it was awful, we'd still leave the theatre all smiles. "Halfway through the film, I nudged him and said, 'It's quite good, isn't it?' and he was like, 'Yeah, it's really good.' We had no idea it would work."