Hollywood beauty Keira Knightley refuses to consider herself a real actress - because she thinks she has a long way to go before she's at the top of her profession.

The KING ARTHUR star views her current acting work as part of a learning curve, and has yet to feel comfortable with her on-screen performances.

Knightley, 19, comments, "I don't think I can call myself an actress yet. I just don't think my skill level if that high. I hope that with every job it gets better.

"But until I'm good, I can say I'm trying to be an actor, but I don't think I've completely made it."

And Knightley didn't find her role as GUINEVERE in the Camelot epic tested her thespian abilities.

She says, "I had to work out physically quite a bit, but pretty much it's scream a lot and enjoy being painted blue."

26/07/2004 17:45