Keira Knightley refuses to read reviews of her performance in London play THE MISANTHROPE, insisting her dad's criticisms are "more brutal" than any magazine.
The British actress has been subjected to a slew of bad reviews for her part in the West End show, but they haven't affected her - because she hasn't read a single one.
And she admits it's her actor dad Will who she turns to for an honest critique.
She says, "I still haven't read anything from the critics, but by the fact that I'm here, I'm assuming it went OK. I don't do it at all for anything. I think you have got to be very careful where you take your criticism from. It can completely throw you. It has to be someone that you know and you can trust, because then that's helpful.
"I have a core group of people who I will absolutely listen to 100 per cent when they say something negative or positive. My father is absolutely extraordinary. I think he's probably more brutal than any critic ever would be so I tend to go with him."