Keira Knightley was ordered to strip on screen in new movie King Arthur, after producer Jerry Bruckheimer realised how great her body is.

The 19-year old actress was originally meant to be clad in full body armour in her role as warrior queen GUINEVERE in the new epic - but Bruckheimer was so impressed with her sexy shape, he demanded movie-goers get to see more of her.

She explains, "My stomach was never supposed to be out.

"But I wore a very short top to the premiere of Pirates Of The Caribbean and Jerry came back saying, 'Keira's got amazing abs, we should show them off more.'"

But Knightley insists her physique is a freak of nature: "I don't do a thing to keep fit, I just cannot make myself work out. My abs are just luck - my mum has good ones so it's a family trait."

12/07/2004 17:18