British actress Keira Knightley is reportedly set to marry her actor boyfriend Rupert Friend. The Pirates Of The Caribbean star, 21, is said to have made the revelation to friends at a party hosted by Lindsay Lohan at London's Paper Club on Friday night (17NOV06). A source tells British newspaper News Of The World, "(Keira) looked radiant and seemed to want the world to know that she and Rupert had got engaged. "She was kissing and cuddling him all night. They were with six friends and were obviously in celebratory mood after getting through five bottles of Dom Perignon. She even told the waiter, 'Please get my husband a drink.' "Even her girlfriends referred to him as her future husband." Knightley and Friend have been a couple for almost a year, after co-starring in the JANE AUSTEN movie adaptation Pride And Prejudice together in 2005.