Hollywood actress Keira Knightley is desperate to win a role on the stage because she wants to follow in her "cool" parents' footsteps.

The PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star was born to actor WILL KNIGHTLEY and playwright Sharman MacDonald.

And Knightley is ashamed she never valued her parents' illustrious stage careers until recently and hopes treading the boards will show them how much they inspire her.

She says, "In the future I'd really like to focus on stage acting. That is what my parents have spent their life doing and I'm desperate to do theatre.

"When I was growing up, I never really took my parent's work seriously. I just saw them as mum and dad. Then a couple of month's ago my mum let me read this play she won a lot of awards for called WHEN I WAS A GIRL I USED TO SCREAM AND SHOUT. I was just blown away by it.

"It's weird when you see your parents in a totally different light. They're both pretty cool."