Actress Keira Knightley has been tipped to play Princess Diana in a movie biopic based on a recent book.

Bidding for the rights to Diana and the Paparazzi has been fierce, but Hollywood is apparently united on the possible star of any Diana production.

Quinton Reynolds, a film producer, is reported to have told the Sun: "Already the word in Hollywood is 'get Knightley'. It's a story that has everything: pathos, tragedy, comedy, adventure and Princess Diana."

The Queen, starring Helen Mirren and released last year, told the story of the aftermath of Diana's death from the view of the royal family.

It was a huge success, both at the box office and with the critics, scooping a number of academy awards and Baftas.

But the feeling in Hollywood is that any film focusing in Diana would so even better, especially at the box office.

"For every pound The Queen makes, a film about Diana will make ten," the film producer said.

Dealings related to the movie were reportedly underway at Cannes film festival while Knightley was enjoying box office success with her latest film Pirates Of The Caribbean: At World's End.

Her next film will be Atonement, which is based on Ian McEwan's novel of the same name and also stars James McAvoy.

29/05/2007 15:43:11