Movie beauty Keira Knightley is happy to be mistaken for Hollywood pal Natalie Portman, but she insists they look nothing like each other anymore.

Since Knightley appeared as the decoy to Portman's QUEEN AMIDALA in STAR WARS EPISODE I: THE PHANTOM MENACE, the British actress is constantly confused for the Israeli-born LEON star.

According to reports on the set of the sci-fi prequel, their own mothers couldn't tell the two apart once they were in costume.

But Keira takes it in good humour: "Natalie Portman's a gorgeous girl so it's great. Maybe I'd have a problem if somebody said to me, 'Wow you look like Jim Carrey'

"I actually bumped into Natalie a couple of months ago. We look nothing like each other nowadays.

"We did when we did Star Wars, but now we don't resemble each other at all."

02/12/2003 21:07