Hollywood star Keira Knightley is furious with her former school headmaster after he claimed he found it hard to believe she had dyslexia.

TEDDINGTON SCHOOL headmaster RICHARD WEEKS told British newspaper the DAILY MAIL earlier this year (04), he was shocked by Knightley's admission she was bullied at school and suffered from the learning disability.

Weeks said, "It's disappointing to hear she feels she had a hard time here. That's not the Keira I knew. She was a gifted pupil academically. She was almost our highest-achieving student. I find it difficult to believe she would have got those grades is he had dyslexia."

The 19-year-old beauty says, "Of all the things you could lie about, I'm not quite sure you would lie about that one. I've always been extremely clear about the course of events - when I was six, I couldn't read or write."

Knightley, who plays the feisty QUEEN GUINEVERE in her latest film offering King Arthur, reveals that her older brother CALEB also has dyslexia. "He went to the same primary school and they said to my parents, 'This is the same thing as Cal and she needs special tuition.'

"My brother was so angry, because it was such a big thing in our family, and doing well at school was a huge achievement for me."

20/07/2004 17:30