Keira Knightley clashed with her screenwriter mother Sharman MacDonald over their forthcoming movie THE EDGE OF LOVE - because the actress refused to play the part her mum had specifically written for her.
MACdonald told her daughter she had penned the role of Caitlin Thomas just for her in the upcoming film about Welsh poet Dylan Thomas - but the 23-year-old had other ideas.
MACdonald recalls, "I said, 'You're playing Caitlin,' and she said, 'No, I like Vera.'"
As a result, the part of Vera Phillips, one of the Welsh poet's love interests, was transformed - to Knightley's liking.
MACdonald adds: "She wasn't even a singer until Keira decided to play her."
The movie is set for its world premiere at the Edinburgh Film Festival in Scotland on 18 June (08).