Keira Knightley's proudest moment came during a bout of food poisoning when she turned the worst audition ever into a huge success. The actress had been "vomiting all morning" when she came face to face with super-critical The Jacket director John Maybury, who calmly told the Brit he didn't think she could act. Maybury went on to inform Knightley that he only agreed to audition her because producers were begging him to cast her opposite Adrien Brody in his film. But, despite the criticism, her illness and the fact she had lost the script she was supposed to read from, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star won the filmmaker over. She told the director to let her read and to stay silent if he was unimpressed and let her walk out of the room, adding, "If I'm good you have to offer me the part here and now." She tells Allure magazine Maybury stayed silent throughout her reading and then let her walk halfway towards to door of the audition room, before stating, "Here's my mobile number, and I'll see you on the set."