Keira Knightley's role in the romantic movie PRIDE + PREJUDICE has inspired a new campaign for French fashion house Chanel. The actress poses with a black trilby protecting her modesty in the advert for new fragrance Coco Mademoiselle. Knightley reunited with her Pride + Prejudice director Joe Wright for the photoshoot after taking over from supermodel Kate Moss. And Chanel's artistic director Jacques Helleu admits it was Knightley's role in the film adaptation of the Jane Austen novel that inspired the campaign. He says, "Her natural flaws were visible (in the movie). Keira wore no make-up. She wore lengths of fabric as dresses. She had almost no hairstyle, just a little bun behind her head. She was a Cinderella in the making! "For me, Keira embodied perfection itself. She was remarkable without any kind of decoration. And I thought that if this is how she was bare, then I could imagine how wonderful she would be embellished."