British beauty Keira Knightley was horribly embarrassed when the media reported she was dating actor ADRIEN BRODY - as they'd only spoken to each other twice.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL actress was linked with OSCAR winner Brody shortly after work began on upcoming drama The Jacket, making the rehearsal period embarrassing for both stars.

Keira cringes, "That was a tiny bit embarrassing as those stories came out and we were just starting rehearsals and I'd literally had two conversations with him.

"He's a lovely guy but it is a bit weird when everyone is looking at you going, 'Yeah, you two are doing it.' I guess it's always going to happen. I read so many of those things and I'm constantly getting linked to different men.

"He's a wicked bloke and we got on well as mates, and he's got a girlfriend anyway."

06/07/2004 09:01