British actresses Keira Knightley and Sienna Miller joked with reporters at a recent London awards ceremony - by pretending to be lovers.
The pair has been pals since starring in Dylan Thomas biopic The Edge of Love together.
And when they were both stuck for a date for the British Independent Film Awards on Sunday (29Nov08) night, they decided to team up and keep each other company.
Knightley joked with press at the event, insisting that their night out together means they are now officially a couple - even holding Miller's hand while posing for photographers on the red carpet.
She told the assembled media, "We couldn't get a date for tonight. It's so hard. So we decided be each other's date."
While Miller added, "It's true. Our secret's out - we're dating."
Knightley is currently romancing British actor Rupert Friend, while Miller has reportedly revived her love affair with American TV star Balthazar Getty.