British beauty Keira Knightley is no ordinary 21-year-old - she prefers to dance to big band music rather than the latest tunes. The Pride And Prejudice actress loves dressing up and even has a regular partner to strut with, even though she is yet to learn his name. She explains, "There's one guy who can really dance - and he just whirls me around. I don't even know his name!" On the star's swing dancing nights she dresses "as my grandmother, basically, in a very, very tight pencil skirt and a polka-dot secretary shirt, and my hair back-combed into a beehive. "We've got a friend who's a make-up artist, and she does the red lipstick." She adds, "(This) is always what I want clubbing to be; I want it to be that glamorous, and usually it never is. "It's always quite sordid, and I don't want that."