Sexy actress Keira Knightley loved working with director John Maybury on The Jacket because he placed substance above style.

The 19-year-old relished the opportunity to look less than her best in the gritty thriller because she is growing sick of Hollywood's obsession with beauty and finding the optimum angle to shoot scenes from.

The King Arthur actress says, "When you do the Hollywood vibe on a big film you are shot from the perfect angle and you do tests to make sure, so they won't shoot you from this or that angle.

"With The Jacket, you look s**t and that's great. It doesn't matter what angle they wanted to film from. I don't have to look perfect. It's all about finding the truth in any situation and the situation in this wasn't a pretty one.

"I wanted to get away from playing the English damsel in distress type. When I auditioned, I said I'd have to spend the next 20 years in corsets if I didn't get the role."

04/02/2005 14:12