Keira Knightley's lapdance scene in her new movie DOMINO proved to be quite daunting to shoot - because she had to do it for real-life gang members in front of her mother.

The British actress, who plays late bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY in the film, admits she was nervous when she had to shoot the scene, in which her character defuses a standoff with East Los Angeles gangbangers by giving their leader a lapdance.

But 20-year-old insists the tough guys worked hard at making her feel at ease.

She says, "They were really great, they were sweet guys. Very respectful, great to my mum, had good conversations; they'd explain all their different tattoos to her.

"And it was a hard scene for me to do because it was the first week of filming and, regardless of whether he was in a gang or not, I had to give his guy a lapdance. But they were really, really nice to me."