British star Keira Knightley is a self-confessed "control freak" and refuses to hire an entourage of advisors because she fears losing her independence. The Pirates Of The Caribbean actress panics if she is not in complete control and turned down Hollywood agents because they threatened to take over her life. Unlike other stars, the 21-year-old has stuck with long term agents in London and Los Angeles who allow her make her own decisions. She says, "I could get this, that and the other (person) and suddenly find that I'm not making any of the decisions. "This is my name, my career, so I've got to be in some control. If I make a mistake, then I make a mistake. That's life. "I think I'm a control freak. You can't let it all out of your hands and it keeps you in touch with real life. I'm the most disorganised person, but I'd rather be that than have somebody looking after me like a nanny. It would be freaky."