Rising star Keira Knightley feels much more comfortable in high street fashions than in expensive outfits dripping with diamonds.

The King Arthur beauty, 19, wore a $450,000 (GBP250,000) diamond necklace to the film's London premiere last week (ends16JUL04) but admits she prefers to dress in well-priced wares from British high street chain TOP SHOP.

Keira explains, "I get nervous that I'll lose a diamond or something.

"I keep having to tell myself, 'This is a GBP10 ($18) necklace from Top Shop,' otherwise I freak out. I love to dress up once in a while but it's always a relief to get back into the jeans and trainers.

"If I'm buying clothes for myself I'll usually go for Top Shop - either that or ZARA."

20/07/2004 13:35