British actress Keira Knightley was ashamed of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise when she first signed to star in the movies - because they are based on a theme park ride.
The 23-year-old star shot to Hollywood fame in the 2003 blockbuster - based on the famous attraction at Disneyland in California - and the film went on to span two highly successful sequels.
But Knightley had no idea the movie was going to be so popular and admits she felt ashamed to be connected to what she thought was going to be a very expensive flop.
She says, "Gosh, I was just a teenager and you can imagine it was the most embarrassing thing telling my mates I was about to be in a movie based on a Disney theme park ride.
"I mean it was really f**king embarrassing and we all thought it was going to be total s**t anyway.
"But then suddenly I was kissing Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom and bang, there you go, instant bloody stardom."