Keira Knightley was thrilled to hear of her Best Actress Oscar nomination after a night's filming in the Bahamas - but promptly went back to sleep.

The PRIDE AND PREJUDICE star, who is up against Reese Witherspoon, DAME Judi Dench, Charlize Theron and Felicity Huffman at the Academy Awards on 5 March (06), is currently in the West Indies shooting the sequels to the swashbuckling film Pirates Of The Caribbean.

She says, "Suddenly I heard what can only be described as yelping and then my mum and assistant running into my room saying 'You've been nominated!'

"At which point, I have to say that I promptly said 'that's wicked' and went back to sleep.

"I couldn't sleep properly anyway because people have been squealing all morning. I think it's going to be a squealy kind of day."