Beautiful actress Keira Knightley reportedly chatted a British pop star at a gig last week (ends30JAN04) - despite attending with her supposed new boyfriend Adrien Brody.

It was reported over the weekend (01FEB04) Knightley had started dating her The Jacket co-star after the pair were spotted together at a White Stripes gig in Glasgow, Scotland, where the new film is currently shooting.

However, according to British newspaper THE DAILY MIRROR, Knightley approached PHIXX singer MIKEY GREEN - who dates GIRLS ALOUD star Sarah Harding - and swapped phone numbers with him.

A source says, "Mikey was very impressed. Keira's one of the most lusted-after women in the world so he was obviously flattered.

"They got on like a house on fire and it was clear she fancied him, but nothing happened because Mikey would never cheat on Sarah."

03/02/2004 10:43