Keira Knightley was determined to perform her own stunts in her latest movie DOMINO - even if it meant being fired at by machine guns.

The 19-year-old British beauty was placed in the firing line whilst filming the action thriller, where she underwent a number of serious personal injuries to play the real-life model-turned-bounty hunter.

Knightley says, "One day I was shooting two machine guns and it was fantastic.

"But one of the shells jumped out of the back and hit me. I didn't know it until some time afterwards.

"I went home and had a shower, and when I started to scrub the fake blood that was all over me, I found that some of it wouldn't come off.

"It's a fabulous burn. I'm very proud of it and goes, 'Wow, what happened?' And I say, 'A machine gun'."

As for the weaponry used, Knightley comments, "Nunchakus, a martial arts chain weapon, were the big thing, along with the guns.

"I also do a couple of knife throws and I spend my days just punching people in the face."

14/02/2005 17:43