Actress Keira Knightley has boobed in men's magazine ESQUIRE - by revealing a naked breast in a photoshoot.

Wearing a collar-less military jacket, the PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN star lifts her right hand up to her hair in one shot, leaving her right breast exposed in the MARC HOM spread, which appears in the new issue of the magazine.

But the Esquire cover girl isn't that bothered about going semi-topless - she just doesn't want to show her bottom on camera.

The BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star sat down with director Tony Scott and bargained with him over what parts of her body she'd expose in his new movie DOMINO, in which she plays late socialite-turned-bounty hunter DOMINO HARVEY.

She explains, "It was one of the most extraordinary conversations of my career... It was, 'I'll give you both t*ts but you're not having my a**e.' He said, 'Fine, done, it's a deal.'

"I don't mind about the boobs, not the butt... I'm a woman. There's no reason to it."

Knightley had to pick a butt double for revealing lap-dancing and sex scenes in the biopic.