British beauty Keira Knightley was banned from using her trademark pout when she filmed 2005's Pride And Prejudice - because it was too sexy. Director JOE WRIGHT was reluctant to cast the actress as ELIZABETH BENNET in the big screen adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's famed novel because he felt Knightley was too good looking for the unglamorous part. He eventually agreed to cast the PIRATES OF CARIBBEAN star under one provision - she stopped pouting on screen. Knightley recalls, "The big thing was that I was absolutely banned from pouting. "The director and crew would be on permanent pout watch. Any sign of my pout and they'd scream at me, 'Pout! Pout! Keira, pout alert!'" "I honestly don't do it to be sexy. I do it when I'm concentrating and I sort of puff my lips out. I always think it makes me look kind of constipated."