Hollywood star Keira Knightley has rekindled her romance with Jamie Dornan, after the male model persuaded her to give their relationship another chance.

The sexy Pirates Of The Caribbean: CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL star broke up with Dornan late last year (03) after her actor ex-boyfriend Del Synnott reportedly attempted suicide, following the end of their two-year relationship in the summer (03).

However, following a romantic weekend in Ireland, the British beauty, 18, has rekindled her relationship with Dornan after being touched by the 21-year-old's concern over her plans to take time out from her burgeoning Hollywood career to go to University.

A source tells British newspaper THE DAILY STAR, "Keira's been touched by Jamie's concern. He'd give her the world.

"Jamie and Keira have always remained the best of friends, even during the time when they split up.

"It is very hard for them because of Keira's schedule, but Jamie persuaded her to go back out with him."

23/03/2004 01:41