BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM stunner Keira Knightley loved starring as a drug addict in new independent movie PURE - because she didn't have to look beautiful.

The 20-year-old Doctor Zhivago actress believes it's important for her to immerse herself in a wide range of movie roles, and her turn as LOUISE in Pure is certainly the darkest character she's portrayed to date.

She says, "This one was really gritty and quite grimy, worlds away from the image I have acquired as an actress.

"It's a real character role, someone who is very downtrodden but in a story that has a great heart to it. This was a real treat for me. I didn't have to look good, and best of all, I didn't have to keep fit, like I had to in Bend It Like Beckham. By nature I am a complete slob."

07/05/2003 20:57