British actress Keira Knightley has a huge collection of battle scars from her role as a medieval warrior in upcoming movie King Arthur.

The BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM star, 18, recently finished shooting the eagerly-awaited epic in Dublin, Ireland, which features Clive Owen in the title role.

And Knightley is hoping fans will appreciate just how much intensive training she's had to go through for her role as GUINEVERE: "I've been doing boxing, sword-fighting, knifefighting, axe-fighting, archery and horse-riding and I'm really, really enjoying it all.

"I do get chucked around a lot, so I'm covered in bruises and scrapes, and it's rather painful!"

Knightley was hand-picked for her action-packed role by producer JERRY BRUCKHEIMER, who also cast in Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL.

He says of Knightley, "She's got big arms now - bigger than mine! She knows how to shoot a bow and arrow, she can handle a sword, she can ride a horse, she can do just about anything."

And there's one factor of making this movie which suits the actress just fine - she's surrounded by handsome men.

She notes, "It was me and my pirate boys on Pirates of the Caribbean and now it's my and my boys in King Arthur... only they're wearing leather this time, so it's absolutely divine! It's eye candy for me, so it's just lovely"

05/12/2003 19:30