Keira Knightley has revealed that she wants to stop making movies due to the pressures of fame.

The British actress told Elle magazine: "The celebrity things completely crazy. I think I just have to move away or give it up altogether."

Knightley indicated that it would be impossible for her to start a family given her present place in the limelight, adding that she could "just do something else".

While it is uncertain what the 22-year-old star has in mind as a next career move, Knightley also made it clear that she was sick of being portrayed as a misguided role model for young girls with eating disorders.

Speaking about pictures of the tiny-framed star which appeared on a pro-anorexia website, Knightley denied that she was promoting the condition, stressing that she was just "naturally thin".

Meanwhile, although the price of fame appears to have come at too-high a price for Knightley, her film career is continuing to flourish.

The actress, who first scored with the football flick Bend It Like Beckham is up against her Pirates Of The Caribbean co-star Johnny Depp in the best performance category for next month's MTV movie awards.

02/05/2007 07:30:23