Keira Knightley is worried that her new film won't be to everyone's taste, and is even concerned that some may "hate" Anna Karenina, reports The Telegraph.
You could have been forgiven for ignoring the 27-year old actor's frank comments about her latest film, given most of the press has been about her peach Channel dress, as she gracefully sauntered down the Leicester Square's red carpet at the premier for the adaptation of Tolstoy's classic, but Knightly is scared that not everyone will like her new film. "It is deeply, deeply risky. There's no two ways about it. I think some people will go and see this and absolutely hate it and want something different. She told rival newspapers. "But I think people will also go 'wow' because certainly there aren't films being made like this right now."
The Pirates of The Caribbean actor was also frightened at the idea of playing a literary giant. "Playing Anna was absolutely terrifying, because it is a role that has been played so many times and exercises a fascination over so many people," she explained to the Daily Mail, but, after doing plenty of background work, Knightly made sure she did her best to do justice to the role, but perhaps she did a little too much homework: "I'm very into stationary. I think I frightened all the boys because I'd done so much homework. Or rather they could at least see the homework I'd done because I go for colourful Post-it notes. It terrified them." Co-starring alongside Knightly is Jude Law, who portrays her husband. The film has been adapted by Tom Stoppard and directed by JOE WRIGHT.