Keira Knightley is a "big royalist".

The British actress enjoyed watching the recent nuptials of Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge - and even bought a special commemorative mug to mark the occasion, though she was sad she couldn't join in with many other festivities.

She said: "I was drinking tea out of my Kate and William mug. I ran out and bought one when they got engaged. I'm a big royalist.

"I watched it. I thought she looked lovely, very lovely. London was pretty. Everyone was having street parties but I had to work that night so I didn't have the chance to go to any but yes, it all looked very lovely."

Tuning in to watch the Royal Wedding was a particularly rare event for the 'Last Night' star - because she doesn't own a television.

She admitted in an interview with PopEater: "I don't own a TV. I have a projector and I can watch movies or documentaries. I listen to music or read books or see friends.

"I'm in a hotel right now and the first thing I did was turn the television on because it's such an extraordinary thing to have a TV in the room."