Keira Knightley may have a ''jeans and t-shirt'' wedding.

The 'Anna Karenina' actress - who is engaged to Klaxons musician James Righton - thinks it would be ''pretty generous'' if CHANEL designer Karl Lagerfeld offered to create a gown for her, but is not sure if it would be the right choice yet.

She said: ''Well, that would be pretty generous of him. He's an incredible designer. Would I say yes? To be honest, I'm working on another film straight after 'Anna Karenina', which finishes after Christmas.

''Then, maybe I'll start thinking about the dress and the guests and the venue. It really depends on what sort of wedding I decide to have - if I go with jeans and t-shirt options, then maybe it wouldn't be quite right. I haven't decided on anything yet.''

Despite a fearsome reputation, Keira claims Karl is a ''nice man'' and enjoys likes the work she has done with Chanel as she is allowed to pout.

She added to ''He really is such a nice man, when you're shooting with him, he just sits there holding your hand.

''Working on Chanel campaign is so different to working on a huge film with Chanel I'm told to pout all I want!''