Keira Knightley thinks it would be ''lovely'' to work with her fiance.

The 27-year-old actress - who got engaged to Klaxons rocker James Righton in May - enjoyed seeing her 'Seeking A Friend For The End of the World' co-star Steve Carrell and his wife Nancy together on the set of the film and believes she would enjoy working on a project with her partner.

She said: ''I've never worked with a significant other but I should imagine it would be lovely.

''When you get together I don't see why you shouldn't get on when you are working together.''

However, for the couple to work together, keyboardist James would have to move into acting as Keira admits she has no interest in music.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: ''I actively didn't listen to music through my teenage years.

''It's weird because a lot of my close friends and relatives are totally obsessed by music and even though I'm not, I've always, for some reason, been attracted to people who are.''

'Seeking A Friend For The End of the World' is about the impending apocalypse and Keira thinks she would just get drunk if she knew the planet was going to be destroyed.

She said: ''We'd be dancing a lot and drinking a lot of booze. But not beer. I don't like beer. Wine, vodka, whiskey ... anything to make me forget about what's happening outside. I wouldn't want to be sober at the end of the world. Oh, and we'd get some chocolate cake and eat until the world exploded.''