Keira Knightley will marry rocker James Righton in a "very beautiful city in Europe", according to his father Nick. Speaking to the Stratford Herald newspaper, he refused to reveal specific details of the nuptials, though was sure to give out a couple of clues.
When pressed on the exact location of the "beautiful city", Nick backtracked, saying, "I've not heard anything about wedding dates or where the wedding will take place.Keira is filming in New York soon and James is busy in the studio finishing off The Klaxons latest album which is 90 per cent done, so we'll have to wait and see on that one". Perhaps Knightley will return to Vienna, Austria, where she recently filmed the psychological-drama 'A Dangerous Method', with Viggo Mortensen and Michael Fassbender. Righton's father said he was over the moon with news of the engagement and claimed the couple would not lose sight of their upbringing, saying, "I would say that despite all the glamour around them they are a couple in their late twenties who treasure traditional family values. Keira has stayed here in Stratford and we all get along fine. It's like one big happy family, and I'm delighted for them".
Knightley has established herself as an A-list Hollywood actress, though Righton is a little less well known. He is the keyboard player for indie rock band Klaxons, who won the Mercury Music Prize for their debut album 'Myths of the Near Future'.