Keira Knightley has been speaking about her new costume drama A Dangerous Method.

The new movie which is premiering at the 2011 Venice Film Festival this week sees Knightley as a young Russian diagnosed with hysteria who goes on to play a vital role in the birth of psychoanalysis. The story charts the early development of psychology, directed by David Cronenberg it also stars Viggo Mortensen as Sigmund Freud. Speaking ahead of the premiere the English actress was asked why she has appeared in so many costume dramas "I don't know why. I love them. I think it's a taste thing. I love history and I love reading history books so it's a privilege that it's part of my job." She said according to The Guardian. Director Cronenberg also joked that the cast should consider therapy "My cast has a great need of psychoanalysis and that is why I cast them - to introduce them gently to the idea that they needed help." English actress Knightley has been surrounded by showbiz since a very early age, her father was also an actor and her mother was a playwright, they both allowed their young daughter to work on their productions during her summer holidays.

The 26-year-old first came to international attention starring alongside JONATHAN RHYS MYERS in 2002 comedy Bend It Like Beckham. She later went on to superstardom after appearing in several big budget movies including Atonement and Pirates of the Caribbean opposite Johnny Depp. She is currently filming the movie Anna Karenina the adaptation of the Leo Tolstoy's epic novel due for release in 2012.