Keira Knightley may be loved up with James Righton from English indie band the Klaxons, but don't let that make you think she's forgotten her girlfriends, with The Press Association writing that the actress still loves a night out with the girls - and uses the chance to air her problems.
"Women get a really bad rep but they're f***ing excellent" she reportedly said in a magazine interview. "I keep on having moments with groups of girls where I just think, girls are excellent, like really excellent. There is nothing like a friendship group of women, and for girly nights or whatever." Continuing her apparently cuss laden enthusiasm, Knightley continued "It's the best f***ing thing in the world. As much as we can be b****y and gossipy and all the rest of it, I think equally if there's something actually really wrong, we talk about it and we actually air it. And if it's an argument, then it's an argument, but we actually have it out, as opposed to that festering thing where suddenly you never speak to somebody ever again."
So there we go; sweary and happy Keira Knightley there. She's been doing the promotional rounds in lieu of her new film 'Anna Karenina', in which she stars opposite Aaron Johnson and Jude Law, with Johnson playing her current lover and Law her older husband.