Keira Knightley is becoming "more beautiful" with age.

The 25-year-old actress has recently worked with her 'Atonement' director and frequent collaborator, JOE WRIGHT on a commercial for CHANEL's Coco Mademoiselle fragrance and Joe - who first met Keira when she was 18 - thinks she is getting even more beautiful as she gets older.

He said: "On a purely superficial level, she just gets more beautiful, which is very fair on the rest of us as we all get to admire her.

"Plus her sexuality has developed - she's no longer quite as innocent as she was. She was always bold but she's a lot more secure in herself now."

Although Joe thinks Keira is stunning, he admitted what is most exciting about her is how she has "taken control" of her image and style.

He explained to Style magazine: "It's like being asked why you love your wife and it's rather bland to say she's talented and beautiful and bold because it's such a subjective thing.

"I guess what I'm excited about is watching her develop. She's her own woman with her own sense of purpose and her own mysteries. She's not here to conform to a male fantasy.

"I think Keira has taken control of her own image. What we tried to do [with the latest commercial] is turn it around so that it begins as a story about the male gaze, but becomes about the female gaze. The idea is the artifice of projected female sexuality."