Keira Knightley found fame ''pretty horrific'' at first.

The 32-year-old actress became a household name when she starred in the first 'Pirates of the Caribbean' movie at the age of 18 but admits it was tough for her to suddenly be so famous as she's not an ''extrovert''.

She said: ''I found it pretty horrific. I'm not an extrovert, so I found that level of scrutiny and that level of fame really hard. It was an
age where you are becoming, you haven't become, and you need to make mistakes. It's a very precarious age, particularly for women. You're in some ways still a child.
 It was traumatic, but it set up the rest of my career.''

However, Keira doesn't look back on the time with any regrets as she knows she wouldn't be where she is now without it.

She told Variety magazine: ''So looking back, would I do anything different? No, I wouldn't because I'm unbelievably lucky now, and my career is in a place where I really enjoy it, and I have a level of fame that's much less intense. I can deal with it now, and that's great. But at the time, it was not so great, and took many years of therapy to figure it out.''

Meanwhile, Keira previously admitted she is thankful for her fame because it allows her to be able to afford childcare for her daughter Edie, two.

She said: ''I've become unbelievably aware of that and how lucky I've been to be able to afford really good childcare, because otherwise it would be at least four years out of my career. I wouldn't be able to get back to where I'd been if I'd taken four years out. I think that's the same for most women. And I think that's really hard.''