Keira Knightley 's new rom-com is more of a sex-com, according to the British actress. 'Seeking a Friend For The End of the World' tells the tale of two neighbours, who have barely spoken to each other until they find themselves left alone, when a meteor is about to strike the planet Earth and everybody else deserts them.
In an interview with MTV, Knightley explains that this particular rom-com doesn't follow the traditional pattern of most romantic comedies, mainly because there's not a lot of romance involved; Penny and Dodge (played by Steve Carell) are far more interested in having sex before the world ends than they are in forging a romance. "I don't know that their romantic arc actually has much to do with romance in the beginning and has more to do with 'It's the end of the world, and we both want to have sex,'" Knightley explains. "I think that was sort of more what the romantic arc was hinged on, and then what it becomes is about friendship."
When it comes to on-screen chemistry, Keira reckons that she got lucky landing Steve Carell as her leading man. "He is so funny, and so courteous to everyone. He is a consummate professional. He's just a lovely, lovely man. I defy anybody not to have good chemistry with him." Seeking a Friend for the End of the World is due for release on July 13, 2012