Jude Law has a bit of a reputation for romancing his leading ladies. When it came to working with Keira Knightley though, Jude and Keira managed to retain their decorum and their post-filming socialising never went any further than sharing a drink at the end of a long day's work. The two British actors are united on-screen in the forthcoming adaptation of Anna Karenina. At the movie's London premiere, Law told The Telegraph that "The best thing about working with Keira is that she mixes a very good vodka tonic at the end of the day." We're sure he appreciated her vast acting talent, as well, but those vodka tonics sure seem to have stuck in his memory.
Jude also explained that his kids were embarrassed about the hair do that he was forced to sport to play the role of Alexei Karenin. Apparently, they thought it looked so bad that they refused to let him take them to school anymore. Law tried to remain philosophical about the fact that his children were rejecting them, though it had clearly put his nose out of joint: "who thinks their dad is cool?" he asked at the premiere. Well, your kids probably did, Jude. until you came home with that hair do.
So far, the movie seems to have garnered a positive response from the critics, in spite of Jude's dubious locks. Time Out's critic Guy Lodge is particularly enamoured with Keira's performance, saying "Knightley, resplendent in exaggerated furs and art-directed lace veils, has never looked more like an honest-to-goodness movie star."