Actress Keira Knightley was left "frustrated" at the Venice Film Festival on Friday (31Aug07), when she was asked about her weight during a press conference for her new movie ATONEMENT. The 22-year-old British star was so certain her thin frame would be asked about at the Italian event, she discussed it with her Atonement co-stars and crew beforehand. She says, "It's really frustrating, and particularly when you come to Venice with a film that is an intelligent film. "I think it was just a shame that that had to be brought up then, and the fact that we all knew that it was going to be brought up. "We actually had a bet going. I was like 'Come on, how many times either anorexia or something about my body, are going to come up?'" Knightley adds, "I think what I want to keep it (my career) about is the work, that's all I'm interested in, and when you've got a project like this I think it's a shame to take it away from that."