Actress Keira Knightley has received an apology from British comedian James Corden after he boasted of a three-day sex marathon with the ATONEMENT star.
Corden, who co-writes and stars in U.K. TV comedy Gavin + Stacey, made the remark after announcing Knightley had won the Best Actress Award at The Sony Ericsson Empire Awards in March (08).
Introducing Knightley's previously-recorded acceptance speech, he told the audience at the London ceremony he had recently indulged in repeated sessions of "sensual lovemaking" and "solid shagging (sex)" with the star.
But Corden is now attempting to make amends for the joke - after Knightley ignored him at a recent showbiz party.
He says, "Truly, I thought about doing that (the sex joke) 20 seconds before I went up (to present the award). On my life, it just came out.
"It really was a joke. I would like to know she did know that. I think she's great."