British movie newcomer Keira Knightley has been offered the chance to spend some private time with hunk GEORGE CLOONEY - because he wants to help her perfect an American accent.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL beauty has been approached to take on a lead role in THE JACKET - a movie produced by Clooney and his director pal Steven Soderbergh.

And the OCEAN'S ELEVEN star has a clear motive behind his proposal - he may ask Knightley to return the favour if he's called on to adopt a British voice for a film.

He says, "I have long been an admirer of Keira. I'm looking forward to working together.

"I'm sure she'll have no trouble, but I have offered to help her with her drawl. Perhaps one day I'll need her for English lessons."

16/09/2003 02:27