Keanu Reeves' latest co-star SHIA LaBEOUF has been caught up in a legal mess after allegedly challenging his neighbour with a kitchen knife.

HOLES star LaBeouf was arrested by police in Los Angeles earlier this month (FEB05) and charged with assault with a deadly weapon after threatening his neighbour by driving into his car.

A bystander claims LaBeouf lost his cool after he had to wait to get access to his garage while the neighbour, who was blocking his path, chatted to his girlfriend.

The onlooker says, "Shia began honking his horn and yelling at the guy, but the neighbour told him to wait a minute, and carried on talking to his girlfriend.

"Then Shia rammed his car into the back of the other guy's car. Words were exchanged and Shia jumped out and threatened the neighbour."

LaBeouf allegedly appeared at his neighbour's front door hours later waving a kitchen knife. The two fought, the cops were called and the actor was led off in handcuffs.

His attorney PAUL TAKAKJIAN tells American tabloid NATIONAL ENQUIRER that he expects his client to be exonerated.

He says, "Shia is completely confident of his innocence."

25/02/2005 20:30