Keanu Reeves was reduced to a terrified wreck prior to shooting a violent scene with his The Gift co-star Cate Blanchett, because he had to punch her in the stomach.

Reeves hesitated over how he was going to hit Blanchett without injuring her, until the brave actress ordered him to go ahead and do it.

He says, "I had to punch Cate Blanchett in the stomach. I remember we were thinking, 'Where can my character, DONNIE, hit her? Shall I punch her in the head, shall I slap her?'

"Then the stunt guy said, 'Hit her in the stomach, in the f**king womb.' And I was like, 'Yeah, that's it, just walk up and punch her in the f**king guts.'

"And that was really hard. Really hard. Cate was saying, 'Look, just do it, hit me.' And I was like scared, you know.

"But eventually I did and it was OK. I didn't hurt her."

13/03/2005 10:28